Apolux Housing
Apolux Housing India Ltd. is starting the year with plans to launch....
Apolux Residency
Apolux Housing India Ltd is creating multiple smaller integrated....
Apolux Enclave
Apolux Housing India Ltd. has already acquired land in Bongaon and....
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Due to its vast population, India is in need of large number of housing solutions. Urban population is growing day by day, to counter this, optimum residential buildings have to be built in huge numbers, not only to prevent the ever expanding gap but also to provide dwelling problem solutions to ....
our latest projects
Bongaon Enclave
Apolux Housing India Ltd. introduces
Bongaon Enclave, one of the largest
residential projects in Bongaon, strat
egically located at the farthest town
of West Bengal..
Burdwan Residency
Burdwan, a historic city of West
Bengal & the headquarters of
Burdwan district, is a growing city
with an increasing number of people
opting for better residential spaces..
Krishnanagar Residency
Just 2 minute from Krishnanagar City Jn. Enjoy a new dimension of urban living at Krishnanagar. Where green spaces have become a far sight in the modern..
Raipur Residency
Chhattisgarh, the 10th largest state
of India with a population of 25.5
million, is one of the richest sources
of electricity and steel for India.
Chhattisgarh accounts for 15% of the..